Green-factoryZenitthys project aims at demonstrating a sustainable, societal and environmental approach of the deployment of telecom and broadcast networks by reducing carbon footprint, visual pollution and permanent electromagnetic field in the vicinity of populated areas.

The developed Innovative hybrid station concept will capitalize on the recent advances in electronic devices, signal processing, renewable technologies and energy management system.

FIRST OBJECTIVE, reduction of the carbon footprint based on 3 axes:

  • Reduction of the energy consumption of the hybrid station (by around 40%)
  • Autonomy from the grid by using wireless connections and by integrating 30 to 100% renewable energies (solar and wind)
  • Reduction of maintenance needs and decrease of relay stations in the cities

SECOND OBJECTIVE reduction of other environmental impacts:

  • Reduction of electromagnetic pollutions
  • Objective is to handle the point of interest whose value is about 10 volts par meter (V/m). The Target is reducing by factor 10.