ARELIS teams continuously invests in programs of experimental development forwards in its area of expertise – broadcast, energy and electronic manufacturing to contribute to sustainable efficient systems.

Thomson Broadcast acquired by ARELIS is also involved in correlated European advanced R&D programs:

  • Opera Net 2OPERA-NET 2 – Optimising Power Efficiency in Mobile Radio Networks 2- project aims to reduce the overall environmental impact of mobile radio networks, extending the previous OPERA-Net excellent results for which Thomson Broadcast has been finalist ranked by the European Commission with all its partners for the outstanding work done regarding energy efficiency savings. Thomson Broadcast with key industry actors in the frame of the European OPERA-Net 2 project has launched on 28th of February 2014, an open test site for hybrid energy 4G network using renewable energy.
  • THEMIS is an ambitious project concerning energy autonomy systems, designed for television and telecommunication broadcasts from remote sites. THEMIS allows sites that are not connected to the electrical grid to be completely energy autonomous (8MWh/year), without the use of fossil fuels and with no CO2 emissions, thanks to the long-term, high capacity storage of renewable energies (solar and wind) produced during periods of overproduction. Eco-innovative start-up ATAWEY joins forces with AIR LIQUIDE and ARELIS in order to launch THEMIS.