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  • Telecom networks sites= x10 TV & Radio broadcast sites.
  • Worldwide 5,000 main sites & 500,000 relay stations for Broadcast networks and around 4.5 million relay stations for Telecom
  • In the meantime, the use of digital techniques has led to the switch off of analogue TV broadcast networks. The resulting digital dividend is now planned to be used for Telecom application and for new High Definition services for broadcast digital network.
  • More and more transmitting stations are installed in cities, leading to higher energy consumption, electromagnetic fields and visual pollution. Besides, most countries will switch off analogue TV by 2015, so a large share of the frequencies will be used to increase the capacity of Telecom networks, especially in the UHF (ultra high frequency) band.

However, so far the environmental impact of Telecom and Broadcast networks has insufficiently been considered during their design and deployment phases.

ZENITTHYS aims at responding to these environmental issues by proposing a mutualisation of telecom and broadcast stations located in remote location and potentially self-sustainable with renewable energy

The hybrid network

Zenitthys project

The current situation broadcast and telecom

Zenitthys project