Arelis demonstrates the most environmental friendly solution for mutualized LTE/TV off grid stations

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Arelis group and its subsidiary Thomson Broadcast, a global leader in transmission systems today announced the demonstration at IBC 2015 of a unique hybrid LTE/TV off grid solutions benefitting from the latest advanced environmental friendly technologies within ZENITTHYS (Zero Energy Network In Telecom and Television Hybrid System) European project financed by CE.

ARELIS and its subsidiary THOMSON BROADCAST have a long-standing commitment to telecoms and broadcast convergence to propose hybrid solutions. This convergence has accelerated with the gradual sale of frequencies in the 800 MHz band and soon in the 700MHz band. With continuous innovation in mind, ARELIS will demonstrate at IBC 2015 its project ZENITTHYS for a LTE/TV services aggregation solution over UHF band to reduce environmental impacts of telecoms massive networks deployments and benefits to both broadcasters and telecom operators.


With the reduction of carbon footprint and electromagnetic & visual disturbances as key objectives, ZENITTHYS produces its first achievements with its green off grid power station exhibited at IBC 2015.

ZENITTHYS is indeed taking advantages of latest European project OPERA-NET* results and demonstrates up to 30% savings on yearly energy consumption compared to a standard Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and plus 12% stored energy versus a standard hybrid wind and solar station.

In ZENITTHYS project, the LTE reception is separated from the transmission function and remains close to the houses but with reduced visual and electromagnetic impact for the inhabitants while the transmission is achieved on remote sites. After advanced on field studies, signal coverage is multiplied by a factor of 4 compared to standard outdoor station for a cost efficient green solution.

The first pilot station installed in the French Normandy area will welcome visitors from mid-2016 for further research and innovation presentations. With a strong involvement in carbon free long-term storage solutions and tangible achievements, Arelis and its subsidiary Thomson Broadcast may offer the most optimized LTE/TV autonomous solution on the market for cost efficient television viewership over mobile devices and easy offload of LTE video data traffic over the broadcast networks.


With the exponential growth in the ways and means by which people need to communicate – data, voice & video communications, broadcast messaging, emergency response communications, modifying radio devices easily and cost-effectively has become business critical. The Software Defined Radio technology allows to change remotely system configuration without modifying the physical functional layers. This prevents costly interventions and allows to support multiple waveform standards. Any new waveform standard development is then achieved through an easy software upgrade which benefits to all actors including broadcasters, telecom operators, device manufacturers up to end users.

Arelis within ZENITTHYS project and the mutualization of LTE/TV infrastructures has signed a new partnership with Com4Innov the French Telecom Platform Association which aims at offering mutualized SDR platform in the domains of networks and mobiles services of the future (4G/LTE/IMS), M2M (Machine to Machine) and communicating objects/smart devices. Arelis will experiment Com4Innov EPC Core and benefit from their 4G/LTE test capacity. Arelis has also signed a partnership with Eurecom, a French graduate school and Research Center which has developed an open platform addressing SDR challenges.


With an efficient off-grid power station, Arelis transmits TV signal over DVB-T2 Thomson mobile device. The hybrid Zenitthys platform is planned to support latest advanced Telecom and TV standards so as to be ready for any future development.

ARELIS and the ZENITTHYS project leaders will welcome you at IBC 2015 on Thomson Broadcast booth C35, Hall 8.


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Optimising Power Efficiency in Mobile Radio Networks is an European project of the Celtic-plus cluster, an industry-driven European research initiative to define, perform and finance through public and private funding common research projects in the area of telecommunications, new media, future Internet and applications & services focusing on a new „Smart Connected World“ paradigm. It aims at aims at reducing the overall environmental impact of mobile radio networks.

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