Projet Zenitthys


The ZENITTHYS project aims to drastically reduce the carbon footprint and other environmental impacts by developing and demonstrating an innovative hybrid station concept that capitalises on the recent advances in electronic devices, signal processing and renewable technologies.

Expected achievements

Reduction of the carbon footprint

  • Reduction of the power consumption by at least 40%
  • Share of renewable energy for the station representing between 30% and 100% of the total site consumption.

Reduction of the electromagnetic and the visual pollution

  • Electromagnetic fields Reduced to be as close as possible to the target of 0.6V/m
  • Decrease of the total number of transmitting antennas in the cities by 50%.

Project financed by LIFE13 ENV.FR/000222
Duration: 3 years, June 2014 – May 2017


  • GreenPower transmission
  • Efficient energy conversion
  • Telecom/TV hybrid system management

last media

Demonstrator site launch with Frederic Sanchez, Metropole Rouen